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Marble Nail Art For Beginners Guide

marble-nail-art-for-beginners-guide-3Marble Nail art for beginners Guide would enable you to carry any beautiful water marble nail design. We are revealing How to do water marble nail art at home. Moreover, we are sharing some tips & tricks that would help you to get a perfect nail design. Marble nail designs are very famous nowadays, From celebrities to house wives, everyone is crazy for them. So let’s see how you can get them at home.

How To Do Watermarble Nails At Home

Here we are sharing the process how to do watermarble nails. 

  • First of all you need a disposable cup.
  • Collect a base paint, light color nail paint, vibrant shades that you like. Take a paper, tape & polish remover.
  • Keep a toothpick with you to draw the design.
  • Put Lukewarm water in the cup.
  • If you want to prevent the nail polish to stick to your fingers. Use the scotch tape around your nails.
  • Start to put drops of your favorite nail polishes one by one. If you are holding brush too high, the drop go to the bottom.
  • After dripping the drops, use the toothpick to draw design.
  • Start drawing the design. Begin it from the third or fourth circle.
  • Draw them to the corners then go to the 1st or second circle & move them.
  • Now put your nails into the water.
  • The design would stick to your nails.
  • Take out your nails & remove the tape.
  • And Yes, It’s done.marble-nail-art-for-beginners-guide-2

Easy Water Marble Nail Art For Beginners

Beginners tend to think it very tough. They face a lot of difficulty in getting the perfect design on their nails. There are other reasons too but the the truth is, it is easy. Yes, It’s easy, if you know the basic steps & take care of some instructions. And I guess you know now. Here are few more ideas for you.


Marble Nail Art For Beginners Guide

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